Classic Café Furniture Designs Never Go Out of Style

Classic Cafe ChairsWhen starting or redecorating a business, one of the most challenging and crucial decisions to make is what style to furnish with. Especially with food and beverage service businesses, no plan is made just for the short term. Restaurateurs would aim to be in business for many profitable years. With this in mind, why not choose a style that is lasting? By doing so, you will never have to worry about not being trendy or going out of style. This article explores furnishing with classic café furniture that never goes outdated.

Contemporary vs. Classic Café Furniture

When it comes to choosing a style to go with whether to decorate homes or businesses, it is mostly a personal preference. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over another. Contemporary furniture designs focus on clean lines for a more uncluttered look, and feature looks that can range from stark simplicity, to futuristic. Contemporary designs, while offering a fresh clean look can be cold and impersonal. Classic designs, on the other hand give emphasis to elegant details and luxurious soft curves. The generous arches, carvings, twists or spirals tend to emanate warmth for a welcoming look and feel.  This can complement a spacey, bare interior as well as an older existing décor featuring high ceilings, mouldings, plaster designs, coloumns, etc.

Classic Café Chairs

 Because seating plays an essential role in both the overall impact of the café interior design as well as customer experience, it would be a good idea to start your search of classic furniture with classic café chairs. Because a coffee house environment calls for a relaxed mood, lounge furniture sets can be added with the usual restaurant tables and chairs. And here are top choices to consider:

  • Bistro Chairs – the birth of the café culture has popularised many furniture designs that have dominated the hospitality and restaurant industry from then until now. Some of them are the staple Bentwood collection, French folding café chairs, and farmhouse style.
  • Prague 811 – also known as Stendig chairs, feature steam-bent beech for frames and used caning or weaving for backs and seats.
  • French Provincial furniture – commonly features simple scalloped or wheat-pattern carving details, cabriole legs, woven rush seat, and an aged patina.
  • Club Chairs – are perfect for the coffee-table setting and will look beautiful when paired with a sofa, with another club chair or as intimately dominating feature of a corner – perfect for solo customers.
  • Wing Chairs – also known as wing back, these are distinguished by the side panels that almost always extends from the back to the arm rests.

On the Down-side

Though welcoming and warm, most classic café tables and chairs tend to be larger in size compared with its contemporary counterparts. So if you are decorating or refurbishing a smaller commercial space, classic may not be the best choice to maximise space and profit.

French Folding Café Chairs: Bringing the Essence of Parisian Sidewalks to Sydney

French Folding funriture inspiredFrench folding café chairs remain to be popular when it comes to furnishing businesses, and even homes. Such classic choice lends establishments a unique cool elegance that makes any café interior design more ambient, and al fresco setup more enticing. The original pieces, built by the end of the 19th century, have inspired many different collections in styles that are traditional and contemporary. If you are looking for the right style of café furniture to furnish or redecorate with, here are top reasons that would lead you to consider bringing the essence of Paris into your Sydney café.

French Café Chairs are Simply Classic

You know what they say about classic designs – they never go out of style. From the turn of the century that gave birth to such ingenious design up to our modern time, we have witnessed how the first sets of bistro tables and chairs dominated patios, balconies, sidewalks and even rooftops of the European cafés and restaurants of the past and still tops the list of restaurant and café furniture buyers in Sydney and the rest of the world. Featuring a simple and functional frame, French folding café or restaurant chairs can easily add interest into any dining space without sacrificing practicality.

 Stylish and Versatile

The original Bistro chair has inspired many different design variations and now come in traditional and contemporary collections. One very notable feature that all these French folding café chairs shares is the uncomplicated architecture that makes them a charming addition to indoor or outdoor café furniture sets, no matter the theme and design concept. The characterised stark simplicity of the lines, make them easy on the eye and complement well with a wider variety and combinations of style elements. Today, you can also find this Bistro-style tables and chairs in rustic wood, metal, a mix of both, and even plastic reproductions that come in affordable prices.

Practicality and Use

Historically, the original design coined as “Simplex” first became popular with lemonade sellers who do business at different locations. To avoid hefty license fees for occupying a rental area permanently, going from one place to another has been made easier with the portable and lightweight nature of French folding café chairs. In a modern day food service setup, lightweight chairs make re-arranging easier – grouping and ungrouping chairs and tables to accommodate a smaller party or bigger group of guests. When folded, these take very minimal storage space – perfect for keeping spare chairs that can be used as needed.  When shopping, make sure to choose quality commercial-grade café furniture to make sure that seating will be durable and stable, lasting many years of use and abuse.

Indoor-Outdoor Café Furniture

One commercial decorating idea that is growing in popularity is using outdoor café furniture for both indoor dining and al fresco area. This creates continuity – a look and feel of connectedness for both spaces. Available in finishes that can withstand the exposure to harsh natural elements, this choice can grace the outdoors as lovely as it does the café interior. For a more stylised look and for added protection for both the furniture and patrons, umbrellas can be added. Cushions can also be bought to make sitting more comfortable while infusing bursts of colours into the table and chair setup.

Cafe furniture budgeting

Managing furniture Costs

You would not be alone if you were concerned about the budged required to populate your new cafe. Let’s face it, starting up a cafe will leave a large hole in your pocket. As a result, when you are stocking it up with cafe furniture, you are going to want to budget as much as possible. You do not want to end up in the situation where you are spending more money that you need to on something. This money would be better spent in the case of an emergency. You should always make an effort to get the very cheapest options which meet all of your professional requirements. It is important in business to keep your finances in order and that sense starts at the very beginning. However, you must always keep in mind the effect of the opposite stance. What if you were to shoot too low and go very cheap? This means that you could actually sabotage the quality of the furniture which can cause accidents and unhappy customers. This is a death sentence for your cafe. Make sure that you get the balance right.

In order to keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to your cafe finances we are going to give you a couple of tips when it comes to budgeting for your cafe furniture. The very first thing you should set your mind to is drawing up a list. The list consists of every item that you will need for your cafe. You should make sure that the list is exhaustive enough that you will not be found wanting after you have spent all of your money. Once you have made sure that the list is correct from beginning to end, you can start on your search for the best items meeting each of your categories. This means that as you go you can start to eliminate options which will eventually bring to the highest quality product for the very best price. Once you have finally finished your search you should be able to kick back and appreciate the results of your hard work and budgeting.

Before you go out and buy more cafe furniture, you should pay attention to this last piece of advice. This is a cautionary note on using the internet to source materials. The internet is an absolutely awesome tool for finding a lot of options but there is no proper way ensuring that the item is the quality that you are hoping for. Most of the time the only proof of quality that you have is a mere photograph placed for your viewing pleasure. Quite often this is no enough because photographs can make things look very different from what they are in reality. In order to avoid this you should arrange to meet the provider rather than ordering directly. You should then make a time to go and check up on the quality of the item in person. This means that you can truly verify that it is up to the quality that you have come to expect.

The best cafe chair

Let’s Talk Cafe Chairs

It may be something that you tend not to think about, but if you are going to have a great cafe, you need to stock it with great chairs. Yes that’s right, you must be able to use your impeccable taste in cafe furniture to buy the right sort of chairs for your cafe. This can actually be a bit of a challenge for some people who do not feel they have such a great taste in furniture. They very often actually do not know where to look to find out a little more about cafe chairs and how they can be used to improve the cafe experience. So we have decided to step up and shed some light on what it means to buy truly superb cafe chairs. This will allow you to make purchasing decisions which will truly benefit your cafe and attract and keep customers. So keep on reading  and find out a little more about the subtle magic of cafe chairs.

So what exactly makes a cafe chair different from a regular ordinary chair? Well, they both function as things for people to sit on, but their major difference in their longevity and their size and comfort. Most cafes prefer to go for something pleasant and simple. This means that they are easier to blend into the general décor of the cafe furniture. Buying something truly ornate can be very difficult to integrate into any sort of general theme. Additionally, the chair must be strong, this usually involves having a metal frame and legs being used. This allows them to absorb the high level of  wear and tear which comes with being a cafe chair. However, they can not only be strong, they must also be light and manageable. You cannot have chairs which are hard to move, heavy or bulky. They must be light, removable and small enough. Additionally the materials used to construct the legs of chairs must be durable and small enough to last the beating of everyday use without causing obstructions.

The cafe furniture world is a never ending struggle between the need for practicality and the need to look good. This means that they should be easily moved around for cleaning purposes. They must be comfortable for the person using them. However, the most important thing is that they must be visually attractive. However, there should be a well struck balance between these factors because if a chair breaks and a customer is injured, that does not bode very well for you. Additionally you must also get the weight right for the customer. Nobody wants to be pushing a tonne weight in and out from under a table. It is a very annoying thing which can actually cause injury for the young and the elderly. When you are out shopping for all of this, you need to make sure that you have ticked all of the boxes. If the chair is not up to standard, it reflects poorly on your business, which ultimately reflects poorly on you.

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Getting the right furniture

Getting Proper Cafe Furniture

If you have recently opened a cafe, then you will be well acquainted with the reasons why you need to know what you are doing before you buy a tonne of cafe furniture. Some people simply have not got a clue about the type of things that they need to buy to have a successful cafe. The answer to the question of what furniture you need to get, depends on the type of your cafe. Each cafe has its own theme, its own unique décor and the furniture must fit into this overarching culture. But getting this right is often difficult for a newbie because there is simply so much stuff out there. So much choice that it can seem quite daunting when it comes to actually picking something. This is a search which is made somewhat easier by the internet, with endless choices, reviews and advice only a search away. So once you have done your research and you have found a provider of furniture, you should find their contact details and speak to them. You will be able to explain your individual needs that way. It is best to know before you buy. Read on and find out more.

Finding a cafe furniture provider is only step one on the race to having a really great cafe décor. Once you have a provider you need to come to a decision about what exactly you are intending on buying. This means that you will start to ask yourself certain key questions. For example, are you buying furniture for outdoor or indoor use? Different furniture will be required for both because different materials will need to be used. These differing materials will ultimately effect the look of the furniture. All of this must fit into the general theme of the cafe. Whenever you are browsing furniture, you must always read the labels of items before you buy to make sure they are what you think they are. Occasionally something may appear suitable for outdoor use, but in reality it isn’t. If there is no label on the item then you should make a direct enquiry to the provider so that he can tell you. If you were to buy the wrong thing, you could have wood rotting, cushions swelling up, metals rusting and all sorts of nasty goings on.

Another thing you have worry about when buying cafe furniture is the dimensions of the cafe that you own. Furniture occupies floorspace. As a result ,you must know how much floor space that you have available. This will make sure that everything you buy actually fits into your cafe without clutter or massive empty spaces. You will feel very stupid if you discover that there is not enough room for everything you have bought, you will also have wasted your money. The ideal item is one which is pleasant to look at and is very comfortable but takes up as little space as [possible. If you can strike the balance you can have a beautiful and economically planned out cafe.

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