5 Benefits of Wooden Tables and Chairs for Commercial Use

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Even with the wide variety of alternatives technology and industry have developed, wood remains a favourite when it comes to furnishing both homes and businesses. More than just a trend, wood has been crowned as a classic – a design element that never goes out of style. With this said, let us look into the top five benefits of choosing wooden tables and chairs for your Sydney café or restaurant.

Visual Impact

Despite the continually growing number of alternatives, none can match the exquisite lustre that only wooden furniture can emanate with. Wood can easily turn dining rooms and even al fresco setups into ambient venues that make for an unforgettable dining experience. From traditional to modern restaurant or café interior design, and anywhere in between; the effect of wood to the overall ambiance is considered by top designers and decorators as unsurpassed.

Gorgeous, Down to the Details

The magic of wood lies in the rich showcase of natural grains – creating lines and patterns that make this material simply beautiful. The wood grains can be made to look more luxurious through staining with popular finishes including natural, walnut, mahogany, cherry, and birch tone. Another finish option is to have surfaces painted with an unlimited selection of colours – in solid, combination, or using faux painting techniques that can result to a vintaged look.

Strength and Durability

Natural timber is known for its extreme resilience, especially those categorised as hardwoods. Wooden tables and chairs can take the regular knocks and bangs usually associated with dining and busy business days. Though elegant-looking, wood can just be as tough and can withstand heavy-duty use for many profitable years. Such material can even be used as outdoor furniture. Just make sure to buy species that offers weather-resistance with top choices including teak, cedar, cypress, acacia, and redwood.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

When sealed properly, wooden tables and chairs are effortless to maintain. A quick wipe down with a piece of cloth, after every use is enough to keep surface looking clean and lustrous. To avoid stains and watermarks, it is crucial to immediately wipe dropped food particles and spills. A wood cleaner should be used on a regular basis. And as suggested by the furniture supplier, add waxing and sealing to your long-term maintenance plan.

Smart Investment

Although buying wooden restaurant or café furniture can initially cost more, considering the true value and long-term benefits of wood can easily make it a great business investment. Everything a successful dining establishment needs in furnishings – an incomparably welcoming look and feel, comfort, and quality; is a given with wooden tables and chairs. And just when you think this choice can’t get any better … a refinishing job can give the same set a second, third (or more) life with an entirely different look. This saves the business from the hefty cost of buying another set of furniture come redecoration time.

Restaurant Chairs: An Essential Buying Guide

Types of Restaurant ChairsChoosing the right set of restaurant chairs for your business is not just a task… it is a crucial task that can prove to be just as challenging. Why? Tables and chairs dominate the dining area, contributing hugely to the look and feel of the interior. Comfortable seating also plays an important role in cooking up a memorable customer experience that immediately wins you repeat business, as well as referrals. And with the hundreds and even thousands of products to choose from, restaurateurs could use an essential guide to buying the right restaurant chairs in Sydney.

Types of Restaurant Chairs

  1. Side Chair – the most common type of chair used for dining in homes and even businesses, the side chair features a standard frame with back support, without arms. Though this design is fairly basic, it is incredibly flexible and comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from.
  2. Parsons Chair – named from where it originated, at the famous Parsons School of Design in 1930, the Parson chair is a special kind of upholstered furniture. It was originally designed to strip off excess embellishments and other period influences that tended to dominate the look of traditional furniture, to bring about the simplest form of function and comfort.
  3. Armchair – simply put, armchairs are traditional side chairs but with arm rests. Though frame styles can vary depending on the designer and concept, the arms are commonly attached to the back seat.
  4. Bar or Counter-Height chairs – though not the most comfortable option, high chairs can be stylish and even functional for restaurants with bars or those that also serve wines and spirits. This is also excellent for balcony and pool-side set-ups.
  5. Benches – this unconventional dining chair choice is increasingly being used in many restaurants, and work great in maximising space and profits for smaller-spaced venues. You can find a selection of manufactured furniture but can also be customised to sport a specific look and dimension to fit perfectly into any corner.

Seat Options

Because the seat of a particular chair dictates how it feels when used, and even look when displayed, it pays to give ample consideration to this element. When it comes to comfort, upholstered seats are practically the best choice and can be found on all types of frames. Some may find detachable seat cushions better when it comes to cleanup, but can pose discomfort as it moves around even when attached to the chair frame. Leather seat restaurant chairs are incredibly popular for comfort and elegance, but requires a higher level of maintenance. Wicker, natural or synthetic, is another great seating choice that offers tough yet pliant bottom support, and rich textures. Plastic, wood, and metal can also offer ample comfort especially those with seats that are holistically designed, moulded to best support the person sitting.

When it comes to buying restaurant or café chairs, the look is often dictated by the owner or designer’s personal taste and the concept or theme of the business. By getting acquainted with the basics, knowing the important considerations gets you closer to the perfect set of tables and chairs for your Sydney restaurant.

Buying Restaurant Tables in Sydney

Aside from their conventional use – which is in dining, restaurant tables also play a crucial role in determining the overall style of the restaurant. Thus, it is essential to research on and discover buying factors that would help improve ambiance and functionality. This article looks into each important consideration.

Optimal Number of Tables and Chairs

Restaurant Tables in SydneyWhen it comes to how many sets of tables and chairs you can fit into the dining room, it’s not just about the numbers. Industry standards suggest that each diner should be allotted between 1 to 2 square metres, with a minimum of approximately 23 inches, to enjoy dining comfortably. However, it is also important to arrive at a number (of restaurant furniture) with regard to the type of restaurant being operated and the menu served, as well as the tabletop shape you choose. If you are operating a fine dining restaurant in Sydney, provide wider tabletop sizes to accommodate food, and additional dining ware and cutlery. This setup also requires more space in between tables. For fast food and chain restaurants, using small square tables arranged at 45° angles is the best way to maximise space.

Restaurant Tables: Basic Features

  1. Squares with their equal-length sides are the most casual among tabletop shapes. This option also proves to be the most versatile, allowing staff to re-arrange tables to accommodate a smaller or larger group of diners. Rounds and ovals lend a touch of traditional style to the interior and work great in smaller spaces. Without the sharp edges, foot path for customers and service staff can efficiently be paved without hindrances.
  2. Standard-height restaurant tables are the universal choice, accommodating everyone from small children in high chairs, to people who use assistive devices like wheelchairs. Counter or bar-height tables are commonly used in restaurants that also serve wines and spirits.
  3. Base or Leg Configurations. Restaurant tables with legs at the corners offer the widest foot space, making it possible and comfortable for diners to extend and even stretch out their legs. The legs, however, make using the corners very uncomfortable requiring diners to straddle the leg. If you opt for centred bases, make sure to choose the right base size that provides ample support for the size and weight of the tabletop to avoid tipping over.
  4. Extensions. When it comes to operating a food service business, having spare tables and chairs in storage is always a good idea and is especially helpful during peak times as well as catering to special occasions. But instead of keeping entire tables, which can take a lot of storage space, consider buying extending tables with drop-down or self-storing leaves.
  5. Tabletop Material. Depending on the use (indoor or outdoor), interior design concept, and preferred look and feel; restaurateurs can choose from a good number of tabletop finishes. Common tabletop materials include solid wood, butcherblock, reclaimed wood, glass, quartz composite, granite, marble, MDF or medium density fibreboard, laminate and stainless steel.

French Folding Café Chairs: Bringing the Essence of Parisian Sidewalks to Sydney

French Folding funriture inspiredFrench folding café chairs remain to be popular when it comes to furnishing businesses, and even homes. Such classic choice lends establishments a unique cool elegance that makes any café interior design more ambient, and al fresco setup more enticing. The original pieces, built by the end of the 19th century, have inspired many different collections in styles that are traditional and contemporary. If you are looking for the right style of café furniture to furnish or redecorate with, here are top reasons that would lead you to consider bringing the essence of Paris into your Sydney café.

French Café Chairs are Simply Classic

You know what they say about classic designs – they never go out of style. From the turn of the century that gave birth to such ingenious design up to our modern time, we have witnessed how the first sets of bistro tables and chairs dominated patios, balconies, sidewalks and even rooftops of the European cafés and restaurants of the past and still tops the list of restaurant and café furniture buyers in Sydney and the rest of the world. Featuring a simple and functional frame, French folding café or restaurant chairs can easily add interest into any dining space without sacrificing practicality.

 Stylish and Versatile

The original Bistro chair has inspired many different design variations and now come in traditional and contemporary collections. One very notable feature that all these French folding café chairs shares is the uncomplicated architecture that makes them a charming addition to indoor or outdoor café furniture sets, no matter the theme and design concept. The characterised stark simplicity of the lines, make them easy on the eye and complement well with a wider variety and combinations of style elements. Today, you can also find this Bistro-style tables and chairs in rustic wood, metal, a mix of both, and even plastic reproductions that come in affordable prices.

Practicality and Use

Historically, the original design coined as “Simplex” first became popular with lemonade sellers who do business at different locations. To avoid hefty license fees for occupying a rental area permanently, going from one place to another has been made easier with the portable and lightweight nature of French folding café chairs. In a modern day food service setup, lightweight chairs make re-arranging easier – grouping and ungrouping chairs and tables to accommodate a smaller party or bigger group of guests. When folded, these take very minimal storage space – perfect for keeping spare chairs that can be used as needed.  When shopping, make sure to choose quality commercial-grade café furniture to make sure that seating will be durable and stable, lasting many years of use and abuse.

Indoor-Outdoor Café Furniture

One commercial decorating idea that is growing in popularity is using outdoor café furniture for both indoor dining and al fresco area. This creates continuity – a look and feel of connectedness for both spaces. Available in finishes that can withstand the exposure to harsh natural elements, this choice can grace the outdoors as lovely as it does the café interior. For a more stylised look and for added protection for both the furniture and patrons, umbrellas can be added. Cushions can also be bought to make sitting more comfortable while infusing bursts of colours into the table and chair setup.

Classic Café Furniture Designs Never Go Out of Style

Classic Cafe ChairsWhen starting or redecorating a business, one of the most challenging and crucial decisions to make is what style to furnish with. Especially with food and beverage service businesses, no plan is made just for the short term. Restaurateurs would aim to be in business for many profitable years. With this in mind, why not choose a style that is lasting? By doing so, you will never have to worry about not being trendy or going out of style. This article explores furnishing with classic café furniture that never goes outdated.

Contemporary vs. Classic Café Furniture

When it comes to choosing a style to go with whether to decorate homes or businesses, it is mostly a personal preference. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over another. Contemporary furniture designs focus on clean lines for a more uncluttered look, and feature looks that can range from stark simplicity, to futuristic. Contemporary designs, while offering a fresh clean look can be cold and impersonal. Classic designs, on the other hand give emphasis to elegant details and luxurious soft curves. The generous arches, carvings, twists or spirals tend to emanate warmth for a welcoming look and feel.  This can complement a spacey, bare interior as well as an older existing décor featuring high ceilings, mouldings, plaster designs, coloumns, etc.

Classic Café Chairs

 Because seating plays an essential role in both the overall impact of the café interior design as well as customer experience, it would be a good idea to start your search of classic furniture with classic café chairs. Because a coffee house environment calls for a relaxed mood, lounge furniture sets can be added with the usual restaurant tables and chairs. And here are top choices to consider:

  • Bistro Chairs – the birth of the café culture has popularised many furniture designs that have dominated the hospitality and restaurant industry from then until now. Some of them are the staple Bentwood collection, French folding café chairs, and farmhouse style.
  • Prague 811 – also known as Stendig chairs, feature steam-bent beech for frames and used caning or weaving for backs and seats.
  • French Provincial furniture – commonly features simple scalloped or wheat-pattern carving details, cabriole legs, woven rush seat, and an aged patina.
  • Club Chairs – are perfect for the coffee-table setting and will look beautiful when paired with a sofa, with another club chair or as intimately dominating feature of a corner – perfect for solo customers.
  • Wing Chairs – also known as wing back, these are distinguished by the side panels that almost always extends from the back to the arm rests.

On the Down-side

Though welcoming and warm, most classic café tables and chairs tend to be larger in size compared with its contemporary counterparts. So if you are decorating or refurbishing a smaller commercial space, classic may not be the best choice to maximise space and profit.

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