Shopping for the Best Café Furniture Sydney has to Offer

When it comes to starting a coffee shop, café furniture is among the major investments that can eventually be recouped… or not. This makes it crucial for business owners to invest wisely on tables and chairs. This article lays out a comprehensive guide on looking for and purchasing the best café furniture Sydney has to sydney

Why Buy Café Furniture in Sydney?

If you try to research on commercial furniture online for your food and beverage service business, you’d get tens and hundreds of results. Now why should you go local? First off, being one of the many thriving players in the local economy, doing so is one way of supporting other businesses and giving back both to the local economy and community. Next, buying local allows you to save a lot on shipping – financially and environmentally. Tables and chairs can cost a lot to ship, and because starting a coffee shop will require several sets, the cost can easily balloon even if you get a discounted shipping price. International and national transport not only adds up to the waiting time, these also contribute to industrial pollution as well as in processing, packaging, and transportation wastes – all of which you can cut down on if you decide to choose from among the promising collections local café furniture Sydney has.

Café Interior Design – Have an Aesthetic Goal

Decorating may sound like fun, but it can actually be frustrating. Before buying, it is crucial that every single detail has been carefully thought of, with many viable options considered. Nothing can be more stressful than buying sets of tables and café chairs only to find out that everything about them does not complement with the design concept, colour and texture palette, and the rest of the décor. To avoid such a disaster, come up with an aesthetic goal and stick to it. Having this planned out beforehand and knowing what to look for also saves you more time on the selection process, which is one of the most time-consuming steps in furnishing.

Quality Matters

When it comes to buying café furniture, Sydney business owners should do so with a strategic mindset. As mentioned, money spent on furnishing a business is a major investment and the key to a successful ROI is quality. When we talk about quality, it is crucial to understand that products are manufactured with specifications and by matching these specifications to the needs of your customers and your business; you’ll have practicality that can last many years of productive use. Though commercial-grade tables and chairs might cost more initially; they are designed to be easily maintained, accommodate a wide range of weight differences, and be tough enough to take on the usual bumps and movements associated with the everyday operation of a busy café. All these attributes make them last longer, giving more value to every cent spent.

Folding Café Tables for Creative and Functional Designs

folding tablesFolding café tables not only make for stylish furnishing but are also practical for an efficient small café interior design. Among the classics in bistro furniture, quick-fold table styles have graced and added charm to quaint cafés of the past and continue to bring a European flair to modern businesses today. This article discusses the benefits and creative ways to decorate using such type of café furniture.

Historically, the folding feature of tables and chairs was devised as a way for small lemonade businesses to avoid the hefty pay of renting commercial space. From there, folding café chairs and tables dominated the many bistros, cafés and restaurants that mushroomed European cities where the café culture was made popular.

Incorporating Folding Café Tables into the Design

When it comes to café furniture architecture, one of the classics that never fail to add a fashionable touch whether for furnishing café interior design or used as outdoor café furniture is a set of folding tables and chairs.

Intimacy in Seating Design

The “two-only” setup that most folding table and chairs create, ignites an atmosphere of intimacy that makes dining or sipping a latte more enjoyable and even romantic, especially for dates. But even with a group of four or more (when tables are arranged together to accommodate a larger group), the close distance from one person to another inspires conversation and interaction within the table. The smaller floor print they occupy also allows business owners to maximise the total number of customers that the café serves. Such sets of furniture can be used floating – occupying the wide space within a business establishment or to make creative use of nooks and corners.


Folding café chairs and tables feature rotating, sliding or extendable parts that make them convenient for both use and storage. Often made of metal, wood or high grade plastic; they are great options for outdoor use. But even if they are made to withstand the harsh elements; one big benefit of having folding furniture is the ease of folding them into smaller pieces for storage when the need to keep them arise. This also makes keeping a number of spare tables and chairs practical, and especially helpful during peak days when the venue exceeds the expected number of guests and when catering to special events.

Indoor-Outdoor Café Tables

What was once a staple in furnishing commercial outdoor spaces from balconies, patios, decks, rooftops and even sidewalks have become a common sight in interior decorating for businesses and even homes. The benefit of using one design for both the al fresco and indoor area is the sense of continuity that it offers. And because the foldable options are engineered for easy transport, sets of café chairs and tables can be moved around or from outside to inside, and vice-versa depending on the need.

Top 3 Traditional Café Interior Design Ideas Worth Exploring

When it comes to starting a coffee shop, one of the most crucial decisions that will ultimately affect startup and long-term success is café interior design. Beyond a delicious treat for the taste buds, preparing and serving food and beverages has become a holistic experience that customers would not mind to pay extra for. This makes the competition all the more challenging. Planning on starting a coffee shop? Here are stylish takes on traditional decorating and furniture, Sydney business owners would find worthy of exploring.

shabby chic cafeShabby Chic – That Cosy Charm

In the last and recent decades, shabby chic has invaded homes and interior design all around the globe. What made homeowners and decorators love vignette styling is the very thing that can help your business engage and attract new customers… the warm, welcoming cosy effect it offers.

A shabby chic café interior design generally showcases a quaint charm that is traditional yet luxurious, while touches of cottage-style décor make the look more authentic. The colour palette is dominated by white, bleached out pastels, and shades of ecru.  Antiques emanate with that well-used and well-loved impression that make it a popular choice for home decorating. But this option is not as practical when used as commercial café furniture. Sydney business owners, however, can still provide the same antiquated look with a wide selection of traditional-looking commercial-grade tables and chairs.

Parisian BistroParisian Bistro Style

Paris brings forth thoughts of exceptional and awe-inspiring food, fashion and architecture; making it an awesome backdrop for a coffee shop business. When decorating in Parisian bistro, intimacy is key. Like many traditional decorating style, white walls is a staple and works great in maximising light and making any room – big or small, seem elegant. An accent wall is a welcome distraction if you want to add a splash of colour.

When it comes to café furniture, round café tables and classic bistro chairs are quintessential style preferences. Popular options for café chairs include the bentwood, folding French bistro chairs, Marais A Chairs, Praque chairs, and woven bistro chairs. The added bonus of doing this design concept is its versatility that makes mixing the old and new acceptable and even stylish. Another thing that Paris is popular for it its brocantes or French flea markets, so don’t be afraid to dare and add interesting curiosities for your décor to achieve that je ne sais quoi to your café interior.

Asian-Inspired Café Interior DesignAsian-Inspired Café Interior Design

Traditional Asia offers a profusion of rich cultures that highlight man’s journey to spirituality and wisdom, and a connectivity with the Earth. Asian interiors are dominated by oriental themes like Chinese and Japanese but can also feature more exotic cultures like Indian. When it comes to tables and chairs, and other décor and café furniture; timbers and organic options like bamboo are popular. The colour palette can range from the simplest neutrals of Zen with hints of greens, to a vivacious feast of lively colours and touches of gold. Balance and harmony of the visual and textural elements is the fundamental defining aspect of an Asian-inspired café.

Trends in Restaurant Furniture – Sydney Dining in Style

Being one of the most expensive investments as well as impactful to both ambiance and functionality, choosing the right set of tables and chairs to go with the décor can be a great challenge. As a restaurateur, is crucial to thoroughly analyse how you want to furnish the restaurant before making a purchase. In today’s more competitive market, customers and prospects are not just paying for good food but for an ambiance that affords them a great dining experience. If you are working on a design, here are creative decorating ways and top trends in restaurant furniture Sydney locals and visitors would love your business for.

Metallic Leather

metallic leather furnitureIn the past years, leather has seen a revival. And in business establishments where the maintenance of real leather can be a nightmare – synthetics have become the ‘in’ thing. With the continually advancing techniques in manufacturing, vinyl fabrics have become harder to distinguish from real leather in terms of look and even softness. Metallic leather in lounge seating or restaurant chairs against a simplistic way of furnishing with most of the other décor blending into the background can be very striking. It’s like injecting a good dose of fun into elegance.

Culture-Inspired Tables and Chairs

Culture-Inspired Tables and ChairsIn Australia and even around the globe, infusing culture into interior design and even in fashion has become a stylish way of bringing out the unique in living. Whether its animal prints, ethnic carvings, or oriental bamboo furniture-Sydney restaurants can easily create that ‘wow’ factor in the interior restaurant design by tastefully adding hints of a different rich culture. This is a great idea for restaurants offering a specific cuisine like Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, Indian, or any other type of menu – incorporating the same inspiration in the furnishings.

Statement Restaurant Tables

statement restaurant tableRestaurant and café tables hold surfaces that are just as visually essential as they are functionally important. Thus, one great way to integrate accent pieces to add a distinctive look and feel in the design is through choosing statement restaurant tables like butcher blocks, vivid coloured tabletops, vintage-inspired or distressed finishes, and other features that would make these items standout from the entire picture. With unique furniture, Sydney restaurateurs can provide a creative and stylish play in the decor that would make their business more memorable.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Sydney

Eco-Friendly Furniture SydneyToday, many entrepreneurs especially in the hospitality and food service industry are using their businesses as platforms to make a cause they believe in be known. This trend has been gaining much popularity because a lot of modern consumers are attracted to supporting such businesses; some even make this a deciding factor. By choosing eco-friendly furnishings, restaurateurs are not only leveraging their business by engaging environmentally-conscious diners but are also helping conserve the Earth which is one way of giving back to the community. There are various ways to go green in decorating including buying restaurant chairs and tables from sustainably sourced timber, salvaged materials, recycled products, buying used or vintage, as well as buying local.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Café Furniture

outdoor cafe furnitureBathing in generous amounts of sunshiny days, offering a refreshing option for customers to enjoy the gifts of outdoors to go with good food and good brew will maximise space and boost profits. With the right set of furniture, Sydney cafés can exude with charm attracting both tourists and locals alike. To create that ‘wow factor’ while providing comfort and durability to last, here are top tips for choosing the right outdoor café furniture.

Function and Purpose

Although thinking of an outdoor coffee shop almost always conjures thoughts of quaint Parisian sidewalks dotted with sets of table and chairs, there are lots of other creative and fun ways to decorate your business’ al fresco area. Patio extensions that cater to casual comfort can be furnished with plenty of comfortable seating and side café tables. Depending on the overall theme and concept of the business, the right style of outdoor dining tables and chairs can brighten the balcony, garden, rooftop and even sidewalk.

Furniture Material

Exposed to natural elements that can have adverse effect on the average furniture materials, the selection is limited with the more popular choices including: sturdy woods like teak and cedar, natural or synthetic wicker, powder-coated aluminium, wrought iron, and even plastics. Each material offers a set of pros and cons that should be weighed carefully while considering the overall theme and design concept of the café, your personal preference, as well as the general local weather conditions. Wood and wrought iron, though not ideal for constant re-arrangements, can be ideal for places that experience strong wind gusts. For locations that are too sunny, avoid materials that absorb heat and adding umbrellas would provide shade while infusing a burst of colours into the al fresco décor.

Tables and Chairs’ Construction

It would also be beneficial to check on the construction which would have an impact on long-term strength and stability of the outdoor café furniture.  Wrought iron parts should have compact welds. For cast aluminium, check to see if the cast parts are solid and not hollowed out. Wooden café chairs that have parts nailed together will not last as long as those that use more advanced wood joinery techniques. With regular use, the nail holes might start cracks or become enlarged causing the chairs to be wobbly and unstable.

Outdoor Café Furniture

Buying commercial grade and outdoor-specific manufactures is the smartest way to go about investing in furniture. Sydney business owners might find starting out tough – especially when it comes to staying within a budget. But you’d be amazed with how much you are actually saving despite spending more initially. Over the long run, taking note of these specifics will give you a greater return on your investment because:

  • Commercial tables and chairs are manufactured for easy maintenance and durability that saves businesses time and money on clean-ups and keep-ups, as well as buying new furniture every few years. They also have features that take into account the usual rough movements and impacts, spills and stains, multiple uses, and exposure to environmental elements.
  • Commercial outdoor café furniture showcases designs that have gone through numerous researches and tests to accommodate weigh differences among users and daily use and abuse.

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